Excellent Adobe Lightroom Course in Rohini

Adobe Lightroom course in delhi

Duration:  01 Month

Video Editing Institute presents Adobe Photoshop Lightroom short-term training course, which is a 1-month certificate course. This course covers all your digital photography essentials in a single application. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom training teaches the essential knowledge which is required to manage your digital photography workflow.

Pre-requisites for joining Reputed Lightroom institute in Delhi

  • Familiarity with Windows or Mac operating system
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and editing terminology will be an added advantage.

Semesters and Module of Adobe Lightroom Course in Delhi

Introduction to Lightroom

  • Importing your photos
  • Rating & Sorting Overview
  • Develop Module Overview
  • Exporting & Sharing Overview

Setup and Preferences

  • How to create and place a catalog
  • Setting Preferences
  • Overview of Catalog Settings
  • Color Management

Importing Photos

  • Import Options
  • Storing an Image
  • Correct Naming Conventions
  • Modifying Presets in the Import Dialog Box
  • Usage of Keywords while Importing

Working with Interface & Workspaces

  • Exploring Lightroom Interface
  • Different Library View Options

The Lightroom Library

  • Find Options in Library
  • Modifying & Display Options
  • Collection Creation
  • Adjustment of White Balance
  • Rating Images
  • How to add Keywords
  • How to compare & survey views
  • Sorting by Flags
  • Rating by Color
  • Painter Tool Usage

Working with Various Modules

  • Working with Navigator, Presets, Snapshots & History
  • Overview of Histogram, Tone Curve & HSL Options
  • Split Toning, Detail, Lens Corrections & Camera Calibration
  • Discovering the Toolbar
  • How to process a photo?
  • Cropping and Removing Distractions

Exporting Options

  • Preparing for Export Exploring Export Options
  • Exporting for Specialized Web Uses

The Slideshow

  • Slideshow Options, Layout & Overlays
  • Backdrop, Playback & Create New Preset

The Web Module

  • Web Image Settings
  • Previewing in a Browser

The Print Module

  • Templates, Batch Printing and Contact Sheets
  • Page Setup and Cell Size
  • Print Job Settings
  • Creating a Poster from a Template
  • Final Comments and Credits

Career Options after joining Lightroom institute in Delhi

  • Image Editor
  • Photo Retouching Artist
  • Creative Designer
  • Lightroom Editor etc.

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