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Adobe Premiere Pro course in delhi

Training Mode: Classroom and Online*
1.5 Months

An Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro Training in Delhi

Adobe Premiere Pro is widely-used software for video & multimedia editing during the post-production stage. The software is extremely favored by industry experts in film-making and broadcasting. At Video Editing Institute, we offer specialized training in Adobe Premiere Pro applications. Here students will equip themselves with intense video production techniques. They’ll explore about the premium combination of audio, video & still images, timelines, how to assemble video clips, how to control sequences & optimizing them using transitions, fading and combining multiple audio tracks, etc…

Pre-requisites our Reputed Premiere Pro Course in Rohini

  • Anyone can join this course who have a deep interest in editing videos.
  • Hands-on working knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is a must.

Semesters and Modules

Touring of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Latest features in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Non-linear editing concept
  • Presenting & enhancing the standard digital video of high features
  • Incorporating, exploring other components into the editing workflow

Selecting Settings, Adjusting preferences and Managing Assets

  • Selecting project settings by sequence
  • Specifying project, sequence settings
  • Adjusting user preferences
  • Import assets and Image tips
  • Managing, exploring media in bins

Importing and Managing Tape-less Media in Premiere Pro course

  • Learn tape-less workflow
  • Using Digital still cameras that shoot high-definition video
  • Media Browser usage
  • Importing AVCHD media, Mixing media formats

Shooting And Capturing Great Video Assets

  • Tips for shooting a great video
  • Get a closing, establish shot, ready your shots
  • Follow the action by tracking shots
  • Finding unusual angles
  • Lean forward or backward
  • Getting wide and tight shots
  • Shoot matched action
  • Avoid fast pans and snap zooms
  • Shoot cutaways, Use lights
  • How to take good sound bites, apply scene detection

Creating Cuts-Only Videos

  • Using Storyboard to build a rough cut
  • Arranging and automating the storyboard
  • Editing,Trimming a clip clips on the Timeline

Adding Video Transitions

  • Using transitions with restraint
  • Adding whimsy, visual interest
  • Trying, display sequence in transitions
  • Altering parameters in the Effect Controls panel

Creating Dynamic Titles

  • Strengthening project with titles
  • Building text from scratch, path
  • Creating and aligning shapes
  • Making text roll, effects, and crawl

Applying Specialized Editing Tools

  • Exploring time-saving editing tools
  • Making rolling, slide, and slip edits
  • Using the Program Monitors Lift and Extract buttons
  • Replacing a clip and replacing footage
  • Using Replace Clip feature and Footage feature
  • Finding gaps in the timeline
  • Switching, Finalizing multiple cameras
  • Adding Video Effects
  • Sampling some basic video effects
  • Applying effects to multiple clips

Changing Time

  • Slow-motion and reverse-motion techniques
  • Speeding up a clip
  • Recognizing the downstream effects of changing time
  • Change the speed of multiple clips and length of multiple still

Acquiring and Editing Audio

  • Making the connection
  • Setting up a basic voice-recording area
  • Making a high-quality aural experience
  • Exploring audio characteristics
  • Adjusting audio volume
  • Applying J-cuts and L-cuts

Sweetening Your Sound And Mixing Audio

  • Sweetening sound with audio effects
  • Trying stereo surround sound effects
  • Looking at VST plug-in
  • Editing keyframes with the use of the clip effect menu
  • Audio Mixer working
  • Automating changes in audio tracks, Recording voice-overs
  • Creating a 5.1 surround sound mix
  • Fixing, sweetening, and making soundtracks in Adobe Sound booth
  • Adding audio effects in Adobe Sound booth

Content Analyzing

  • Transliterating speech to text
  • Enhancement of accuracy of speech analysis
  • Searching transcription for keywords
  • Setting In and Out points using speech analysis text
  • Modifying the metadata
  • Detecting faces in a sequence

Exploring Compositing Techniques

  • Making compositing part of your projects
  • Shooting videos with compositing in mind
  • Combine Layers
  • Using video effects that work with graphic-file alpha channels
  • Color keying a green-screen shot with Ultra Key
  • Using the Ultra Key effect
  • Using matte keys
  • Making a traveling matte

Working with Color, Nested Sequences, and Shortcuts

  • Overview of color-oriented effects
  • Color removal and correction techniques
  • Technical color effects
  • Adjusting and enhancing color
  • The Leave Color effect
  • The Change to Color effect
  • The Auto Color effect
  • The Fast Color Corrector effect
  • Use of multiple nested sequences
  • Nesting a video in a newspaper

Managing Projects

  • Project menu overview
  • Making a clip offline
  • Using the Project Manager
  • Working with a trimmed project
  • Assembling files and copying them to a new location
  • Steps of Final project management
  • Importing projects and sequences

Using Photoshop and After Effects to Enhance Video Projects

  • Exploring Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium
  • Importing sequences of Adobe Photoshop files
  • Re-creating the lower-third animation
  • Using Dynamic Link with After Effects
  • Surveying After Effects features
  • Overview of Adobe After Effects workspace
  • Animating the lower third
  • Using Adobe Dynamic Link for Importing a project from Adobe After

Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences

  • Exploring export options
  • Recording to tape and an analog recorder without device control
  • Exporting single frames through Export Frame function

Career Options after Learning Premiere Pro Course in Rohini

  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Presentation Specialist
  • Video Producer
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Video Producer
  • Digital Animator
  • Visual Designer and many more.

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