Wedding Videography Course

Wedding Videography Course in delhi

Duration: 02 Months

Eligibility: Any one can join this course who have a deep interest in editing and recording videos with the reading and writing skills in English language.

Video-editing institute offers complete course in wedding videography. Our expert faculty possess specialized skills in every facet of professional photography. The course will take you through the rigorous process of what it takes to be a competent wedding videographer. The course explores about the basics transition from wedding video to cinematic wedding film, best filming and editing techniques for both long & short form edits, how to create and work with high-definition footage, basics of DSLR camera, camcorder and audio settings for different situations, color-grading tutorials, etc… We have an excellent state of art Photography Studio comprising of Mac & Windows Workstations, Projectors, DSLR Camera, Professional scanners & video cameras, Professional Lightening Setup, Green Shoot, Light Box, Card Reader, Tripod, etc…

Learning Outcomes

  • How to plan, storyboard, & script any video project
  • Using video making equipment, lighting & audio equipment
  • Video editing
  • Professional Wedding Shoot
  • Editing a Wedding Video
    • Transition from ‘wedding video’ to ‘cinematic wedding film’
    • Filming & editing workflow ideas for long and short form edits
    • Filming techniques including behind-the-scenes footage to show
    •  DSLR, camcorder and audio settings for varied situations
    •  Working with High-Definition footage
    •  Creative editing techniques (alongwith editing ‘emotion’ in mind)
    •  In-depth colour-grading
    •  Strategies related to marketing, advertising, branding-awareness & reputation

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