Image Editing Master Course


Duration: 3 months
Training Mode:
Classroom and Online

Image Editing Course from Video Editing Institute will make the individuals understand the importance and learning various techniques related to image editing. It will teach students all the concepts like changing backgrounds and colors, Capturing your Digital image, Digital Scanners, Digital Renovation, Digital Image Manipulation.

Students will get an exposure in both technical as well as theoretical concepts of applications like Photoshop, Light room etc from industry experience professionals.

Prerequisites to Join Image Editing Master Course

  • Basic knowledge of computers and internet
  • A passion to learn new technologies and concepts

Semester and Modules:

Module I – Fundamentals of Layouting, Photography and Image Editing

It will introduce you to basics of idea generation techniques of typography, photography skills, colors, lighting, and layouting in this module. It will also impart hands-on experience on graphic designing skills.

Topics that are to be Covered

  • Design Basics -Idea Generation and Development
  • Learning Drawing Techniques and Processes
  • Overview of still life
  • Importance of Perspective
  • Typography Concepts
  • Basics of Layouting Principles
  • Basics Colors, Photography ,and Shapes
  • How to use Camera
  • Introduction to Lighting
  • Shutter Speed
  • Focal Length
  • White Balance and Composition
  • Photo Correction ,Manipulation Techniques ,Retouching Methods

Module II – Advanced Editing Techniques and Project Portfolio

This module make you learn different advanced editing techniques, correcting color and different retouching techniques used by experts to improve their photos along with creating a digital work. Beside the introduction to exposure, white balance, composition, students will also know about different workflows from capture to print in a fun loving environment.

Topics that are to be Covered

  • Learn Raster Techniques
  • Setup and Configuration in Lightroom
  • Working with Navigator, Presets, Snapshots & History
  • Overview of Histogram, Tone Curve, & HSL Options
  • Learning spilt Toning, Lens Corrections ,& Camera Calibration
  • Advanced techniques for converting images to black-and-white
  • Digital and Matte Painting
  • Creating Animation and 3D Images
  • Preparing Files for Print
  • Creating Beautiful Text Effects & applying Special Effects

What you will learn: 

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Sketching Classes
  • Project Portfolio

Career Options: 

After getting trained in Image Editing Master program, individuals can have following career options:

  • Image Editor
  • Photoshop Professional
  • Creative Designer
  • UI Designer etc.

Training Mode: 

  • Regular
  • Fast-Track
  • Weekends (Sat/Sun)
  • Only Sundays
  • Online
  • Others

How to Apply: 

If you require any further information related to Image Editing Master course, please contact our Counsellors at +91 (0)9811-818-122

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