After Effects Course – Duration, Content, and Trainers

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Adobe After Effects is an industry acknowledged effective tool for computer animation, motion graphics, as well as video post-production. If you’re aiming to stimulate, modify and composite media in 2D and 3D space, then this is the tool for you. It could be utilized to produce stand-alone video clips, computer animations, unique effects, computer animated titles, and a lot more. Utilize it to produce engaging video clip material for broadcast TV and internet. With integrated tools and plug-ins, and a little bit of creative thinking, you could develop almost anything you could visualize. If you want to become an expert and work like a pro, then joining professional level After Effects courses in Delhi can be beneficial.

After Effects Certificate Course From Video Editing Institute

It is among the most ideal certification training course provided by VEI which is spread over a period of 2 months. It will certainly take you from the fundamentals of After Effects for instance, comprehending the work area and essential computer animation strategies, right through to more advanced computer animation methods, motion tracking, and particle effects.

In this After Effects course students will explore the highly established approaches under the guidance of specialists to develop the real-world effects in the videos using advanced motion graphics software. Learn more about innovative 3D kinetic typography and infographic methods, expressions, sound and also connecting vision to sound, and a lot more. Industry standard guidelines and techniques for color modification and unique effects are a few of the essential discovering in this particular program. Important adjustment of the numerous procedures in after affects are covered with focus on practical usage and not simply an introduction of practices. Within this hands-on training course, you will certainly:

  • Generate animations by using graphics, text, and photos
  • Become acquainted with the user interface, timeline, and layers of After Effects
  • Proper Usage of video footage to create a movie title sequence
  • Making TV content and ads using real-world graphics
  • Sync and edit animations to audio
  • Producing dynamic transitions
  • Acquire animation principles to generate fluid, realistic animations
  • Create 3D objects integrating video clips
  • Add lighting and shadows using 3D properties and effects
  • Render your projects into manageable file sizes

Who should Join this Adobe After Effects Course?

Whether you are amateur or video editor or broadcast layout expert planning to become part of the visual effects industry or looking to enhance your skill -set for video could join this training course. Having previous experience with a non-linear editing program will certainly be beneficial however not absolutely essential.

After Effects Classes from the Experts

After Effects classes are regularly scheduled at one of the best after effects training centers in Delhi, Video Editing Institute, which offers training in both online and offline mode. Mr. Deepak Bhadauria is an industry expert having more than 15 years of experience in the field of 3D Animation and Post Production. He imparts the professional training in the arena of motion graphics, audio editing, video editing, animation, digital character animation etc. at Video Editing Institute in Delhi. The sessions are live and interactive led by him both in online and classroom mode.

  • Get jumpstarted from newbie to production ready in a matter of few days
  • Chance to participate in workshops conducted by highly qualified After Effects veterans
  • After Effects course will get you up-and-running fast with keyframing, effects, 3D, output controls and more.
  • Benefit from our proven methods, with hands-on exercises and real-world practical exposure as part of our training.

The Internet and mobile devices are becoming a major entertainment medium. After Effects motion graphics with high-quality are being extensively used for online and mobile content. Video sharing sites, such as and use motion graphics and provide content creators with access to a wide audience, which creates additional distribution opportunities for individuals and organizations alike.

Some Projects Made by Students in Adobe After Effects

  1. Animated Resume in After Effects by Sunny Rawat

2. White Board Animation by Preeti Saini

3. Motion Graphics Animation by Rohit Rana

4. Creative Presentation by Aman Bhatnagar

5. Wedding Slideshow Animaton by Subhanker

Go through our All Post Production Projects or land on our YouTube channel ADMEC Rohini to see more such projects.

While using After Effects, you will want to contemplate the final destination for your project. Will it be used on television, in video, on a mobile device? Knowing this information allows you to accurately create your content to match your intended destination. Projects for high-definition television differ from those for a portable device with a small-screen. Each of these media has its own standards for items, such as frame rate, aspect ratio, and bit rate. Understanding these items saves you time and effort in the production process. Successfully producing graphics for video and other media requires that you understand a few technical requirements which is possible only by joining a professional Adobe after effects institutes in Delhi. If you don’t understand these, you’ll merely be pushing buttons and clicking check boxes, so you should take some time and join certificate or diploma after effects courses in Delhi at least to get a foundation in digital video.