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This blog covers the detailed discussion on 3 months of expert training at our Photoshop institute in Rohini and explains to you about our courses in editing. The author of this blog has tried his level best to keep the content interesting and informative for you. Keep reading!

Opening words by author: Hello readers, whether you are a college student or a school student, every year you get at least 1 to 1.5 months of spare time that you can utilize in learning new things and adding some creative skills to yours. The creative skill you learn during your free span of time; gives you confidence and expands your career perspective too. These kinds of skills not only give you creativity but also give you chance to earn money.

Convert interest into a skill

See, whether you are pursuing your school studies or graduation; if you have an interest in videos, designing, or photo stuff then you must think about converting that interest into a skill. Like a Photoshop course or a photo editing course.

Nowadays we can see amazing and unrealistic photos everywhere from Instagram to posters and banners on the roadside. Do you know that they are not real? Designers and editors use cool tools to create these types of designs and images. Movies posters, logos, magazine covers, web ads, etc. are the production of altering photos and combination of layouts and all these things can be created and edited using powerful software applications like:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom

You might not know about Photoshop and Lightroom. Let me tell you.

Adobe Photoshop

When it comes to thinking out of the box and presenting unrealistic ideas on the digital screen then there is no other software like Adobe Photoshop. It is an all-in-one program and the most famous editing software. It can bring imagination into reality in the form of pictures that exist on the group of pixels. It offers dozens of tools that can create anything.

This software is not limited to editing purposes but it can also be used for designing posters, banners, and cool ads. Retouching and remixing images as they are inseparable parts of each other is the magic that only Photoshop can do. Using this amazing and super cool application you just can add gorgeous graphics to your design that allure every mind. You can show your inner creativity and design your own style with the brushes that are offered by this outstanding software.

Video Editing Institute offers a complete 2 months Photoshop course in Rohini then everyone can join who is interested in photo editing and designing.

Adobe Lightroom

While Photoshop is a versatile tool that can create designs along with editing and mixing images together; Adobe Lightroom is popularly used for photo editing. It comes with different modules for photo editing. The features offered by Lightroom are incomparable to any other tool. This software offers those kinds of tools that match two pictures of different origins. It is a perfect advanced editing tool that gives different presets to apply to images to convert them into a masterpiece. It is available on both desktops and smartphones in the phone software and mobile app respectively. This is the efficient software developed by Adobe to fulfill all sorts of needs of photographers. Even it allows you to preset your photos in the form of gallery animation. Lightroom also offers a feature of creating book designs.

Both of these software applications are considered industry-leading image editing and manipulation applications. They can work wonderfully and have the ability to change everything. You can consider our Photoshop institute in Rohini if you have an interest in designing along with editing.

Where you can learn a Photo editing course during summer vacation?

There are so many institutes available for providing basic training in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom course in Rohini. But if someone wants to attain a professional level of productive training that can help him for making a career in the media industry then it indeed becomes important to join a certified and professional institute.

As I have said earlier many institutes are available but there are very few institutions that provide industry and career-oriented training. Our Video Editing Institute in Rohini, Delhi comes among the few training centers which furnish the courses planned as per the standard of the industry. It offers all types of photo and video editing courses.

This institute is famous among all video editing institutes in Rohini, Delhi.

VEI offers special courses for summer vacation and the Photo Editing Master course is one such 3 months experts training program that you can join during your holidays.

About Photo Editing Master course

The photo editing master course is all one image editing course in Delhi that covers industry-leading image editing software applications such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Both of these software applications are no doubt the best to learn as we have discussed earlier. It is a master’s program and helps you in becoming a photo editing pro within a short span of time.

Course structure of this Photo Editing Master Course

This course is basically divided into 2 modules.

The first module covers the fundamentals of Photography, layout, and image editing. This module teaches candidates basic photography, typography, lighting, and layouts.

The second and advanced module covers advanced editing techniques and projects where students will learn about color correction, retouching, digital work, white balance, etc.

Flexibility due to modes

This course can be joined on different modes such as:

  • Fast-Track
  • Regular
  • On Sunday only
  • Weekends
  • On online mode

In simple words, if you have only 1.5 months of time for training then you can freely join on fast track mode too. If you want to join this class with your school and college then you can join weekend classes. For professionals who are already working in the industry, only Sunday classes are also available. In other words, you have flexibility in training because of the modes offered by VEI.

Career opportunities after completion of Photo Editing Master course

Once you complete your training under this editing course; you can start your career as:

  • Image editor
  • Creative designer
  • Banner designer
  • Poster designer
  • UI designer
  • Photoshop Professional, and many more.

Apart from this fabulous course; there are many other advantages of joining our Photoshop Institute in Rohini.

Benefits of joining Photoshop Institute in Rohini

  • We offer an industry-oriented course structure: all the courses available at this institute are designed as per the industry standard that can help students to secure a professional job in the industry.
  • We provide training from experts who have pronounced knowledge of the industry as specialized as well as have periods of experience in teaching.
  • The friendly learning environment for students where they can freely ask questions and share their problems with faculty members and can discuss their future and career.
  • Resume and portfolio development sessions for students
  • Live practical projects and assessment
  • Internship plans for students
  • Practice computer lab with lab in-charge
  • Placement support with lifetime coordination

So, get set go with the short-term editing programs and get the most out of your free time. Stop thinking and enjoy your upcoming vacation with learning. You can also explore our video editing courses if you are interested in learning editing of the video clips within a short period.

I hope you will like this blog and it will be helpful for you in gaining knowledge.

Thanks for reading.