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Image-Editing-Courses-from-Best-Training Institute

Image editing is an integral part of various design professions such as photography, graphics, web, fashion, interior designing etc. If you are feeling very eager to know about different image editing techniques from a professional, then choosing a best institute is very vital.

I think the software used is not a hidden art as it was in the earlier times. We are offering numerous image editing courses which are designed on the curriculum of international standard and that too at a very reasonable and nominal price.

The courses vary in length, from two or three months long. It will let one examine different features and functions related to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Most of these courses are offered to most of the students with no specific requirements other than basic computer familiarity.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities for professional photographers so for image editors are expected to increase by 3% between 2014 and 2024.

This article will make you aware of the different editing courses available in India especially in Delhi which will guide you in making a correct decision about what is required for editing.

Here, I am mentioning some of the best image editing courses in Delhiwhich will turn your dreams into reality if you want to become an expert image editing professional.

Best Image Editing Courses from Our Institute

There are many options available for different courses which students can take. Long term and short term both types image editing courses are available.

Image Editing Master Course

It is a 3 months most advanced course in photo editing from our institute. It will make you aware of various techniques related to editing of images so that students will understand the importance concepts of image editing. It will cover all the important concepts like changing backgrounds and colors, and capturing. Digital scanners, typography, lightning, navigation perspectives, matte painting, 3d images etc. are also the part of editing study in classrooms.

Students will get an exposure in both technical as well as theoretical concepts of applications like Photoshop, Light room etc. from industry experts.

Adobe Photoshop Master Course

It is a 2 months course that will cover in depth study concepts related to image editing. It helps in importing, organizing, and cropping photographs in a professional manner for better compositions. In this Photoshop course to edit the colors, optimize the photos, contrasting of photos, and manipulate them to create great graphics.

Adobe Light Room Master Course

It is a short term certificate program of 1.5 months which is used for importing, rating, and sorting a catolog, tone curve, and cropping of images. If you want to edit full resolution videos so that one can create it easily and quickly.

Important Topics Covered

Several course topics that are generally covered in our all the courses are:

  • Improving lighting
  • Working on color, tone, and contrast
  • Digital special effects
  • Storing digital images
  • Outdoor digital images
  • Album designing
  • Digital Painting
  • Matte Painting
  • Photo Collage making etc.

Career Options after Image Editing Courses

Although possible career options vary course to course for you yet there are some common job and employment options for you in Delhi or any other city.

  • Image Editor
  • Photoshop Professional
  • Photo Editing Expert
  • Creative Designer
  • Album Designer
  • Digital Painter
  • Matte Painter
  • UI Designer etc.

Many image editing students start out as assistant image editor, working under the direct supervision of an experienced veteran photographer or visualizer or art director after completion of their courses. This training period can also be useful for those who want to work on different Image Editing projects in a detailed manner by working on Mac or PC in our institute.

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