Latest Adobe Photoshop Features 2018

Latest Adobe Photoshop CC Features

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely used photo editing software today. It is a versatile and proficient application for video as well as photo editors as it has wonderful and powerful tools and commands to develop a classic output.  The right way to attain the command over this software is by going for advanced Photoshop training in Delhi and that you can acquire from Photoshop Institutes where you can learn from essential fundamentals to advanced level of concepts of Photoshop. In this blog we’ll talk about the latest features of Photoshop which are enlarging the demand of this versatile application.

The latest version of Adobe Photoshop provides us with a lot of new features to make our experience a better one. Not only this, the new features of the previous version are also enhanced and upgraded in the latest one. Thus providing us with a lot of convenience.

Some of the latest features in the upgraded version of Adobe Photoshop 

• Enhanced brush presets
• Photoshop search upgrade
• Path options
• Copy and paste layers
• Paint stroke smoothing
• Curvature pen tool
• Editing 360° panoramas
• Quickly share your creations
• Better tool tips
And much more…

Let’s talk about them briefly:

  • Enhanced Brush Presets

The brush preset of the latest version of Photoshop have been enhanced to a great extent, providing us greater convenience.

Now, it gives wider power by allowing us to change the settings such as flow, opacity, blend mode etc.

Now we do not need to use tool preset to perform the settings. We can use brush preset instead of tool preset.

Brush tool preset

  • Photoshop Search Upgrade

There is an updation in the search panel of Photoshop. It allows us to find, sort or import LightRoom photos in it. It allows us to search by keywords.


  • Path Options

The new version of Photoshop provides us much more options. One of them is path options. We can now change the color and thickness of the path lines according to our wish, rather than being confined to only black and white color.


Thus, path created with a pen tool can now be modified.

  • Copy and Paste Layers

Now, we can copy and paste the layers in the latest version of Photoshop. It can be done within a document or between two documents using copy and paste commands.

However there can be difference in resolution of the two documents so that the object which we have copied can either be resized using transformation tool or we can also change the resolution before copying and pasting any item.

  • Paint Stroke Smoothing

Photoshop’s latest feature also allows you to smooth your brush stroke very conveniently, you just need to enter the smoothing value and its range may be 0-100 while working with brush, pencil or an eraser. The benefit is that it provides us with smoother strokes.

  • Curvature Pen Tool

This tool helps you in creation of paths and customization of the shapes. You can also remove or edit and also add smooth or corner points. It imparts accurate results in a very small time. We can add additional points by clicking anywhere on the document and add corner point by double click.


  • Editing 360 Panorama

Photoshop allows us to edit 360 panorama images. We just need to go to: 3D -> Spherical panorama
We can edit the panorama images like normal images with the help of same tools.

  • Quickly Share Your Creations

There is a new share button in Photoshop which allows us to quickly upload or share our content to various areas like Facebook.

  • Better Tool Tips

Getting to know the work space and its tool is one of the most important things while using a software. The latest Photoshop version makes it even more easier for us to know what the tools can do.

When you take your cursor to a specific tool, a short video starts playing with a brief description, telling you what the tool does.


Photoshop has always been an exciting software with unique features and their multiple application. The latest upgrade of Photoshop 2018 has improved to a lot of extent. We can now share our artworks easily and quickly, the brush presets have been enhanced too, there is also an upgrade in Photoshop search, not only this, we can now edit 360 panorama view like a normal image. Whether we are looking for normal edits or professional photographic tools, everything is available in Photoshop.

If you want to attain mastery in the newly features of Photoshop, then joining Photoshop Classes Delhi will be really beneficial for you. During the Photoshop classes users will also learn the methods and techniques to create awesome digital paintings, matte paintings, and how to create text effects, etc. using this versatile photo editing software.