Top Video Editing Courses in Delhi

video editing courses

Do you think that making a video is an integral part of shooting a film or are you feeling very eager to know about the different video editing techniques that play a vital role in finalizing a video for a movie? I think the software used are no more a hidden art as it was in the earlier times. We are offering those video editing courses which are designed on the curriculum of international standard and that too at very reasonable and nominal price.

This article will make you aware of the different video editing courses available in India especially in Delhi which will guide you in making a correct decision about what is required for making a film.

Here, I am mentioning some of the best video editing courses in Delhi which will turn your dreams come true if you want to become an expertise video professional.

1. Final Cut Pro X

The series of this video editing software was first developed by Macromedia and later by Apple. This software requires a Mac with operating system X 10.11.4 and 8 GB is recommended for editing. If you want to become a proficient then start learning this course which is of 2 months duration and is designed for learning the different fundamentals concepts for editing, adding sound, titles, effects, and transitions for creating your own video. The training will be based on interface, importing media, video editing, working with audio, creating titles, and adding effects.

2. Final Cut Studio Master

This software is a professional audio and video suite for Mac OS X from Apple. It is three primary applications i.e FCP X, Motion, and compressor. This course is of 3 months duration and cover various in depth concepts of compositing, motion graphics, and compressing the video for improving their technical knowledge and proficiency.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

It is a software developed by Adobe Systems Inc. and was launched in 2003. This course is of 2 months and if one want to create flawless and stunning videos by adjusting color for creating a leading software, Premiere Pro is the only non-linear editor software that make you learn different projects by collaborating different concepts for a single project for enhancing color, graphics, and audio quality.

Apart from these courses, there are some other video editing applications that are best for special effects that you feel very keen in knowing.

1. Sony Vegas

It is a video editing software for nonlinear editing founded by Sonic foundry and originally runs on the windows operating system and is one of the most innovative software used in this industry. Learn to import media from a variety of locations by editing clips in the given time frame for enhancing audio which will also include voice-over narration; and add visual effects to enhance color, mood, and drama of your movie and you can also add titles, apply transitions between scenes, add animations such as pans and scrolls, and crop the footage for maximum impact.

2. Avid

It is one of the most best professional and powerful software that you want to learn and was founded in the year 1988 by Bill Warner. It offers same features like one will find in pro version for color correction to audio editing but exporting limit is from1080p resolution, and it maxes out at least four video tracks and eight audio tracks.

3. Canopus

It is one of the most professional non linear editing software having lots of features of Edi-us Pro 4 and is a kind of software that shows us impressive features, including multi cam editing mode, nested timeline sequences, key framed color correction filters, a time remap feature, improved audio channel editing, revised timeline trimming etc.

Want to become a professional video editor by pursuing training on the latest software used in audio and video editing courses in Delhi such as FCP, Adobe Premier Pro etc. then quickly have more information about different video editing courses by checking our website.

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