Attend Best-Quality Online Training from Video Editing Institute in Rohini during Lockdown 2021

Online Training from Video Editing Institute in Rohini

In this pandemic time when all are staying at home and focusing on social distancing; online training is the only approach to the whole education sector. Since it is the only way to move on the learning path; it also becomes necessary to select the right online learning, platform, institution and course. In this blog we are going to see what types of online courses are being offered by Video Editing Institute in Rohini during this lockdown.

For all new readers, here is a quick introduction to video editing and its importance.

Videos – A New Way to Communicate

Videos are in trend right now. We can see videos floating on social media account feeds and even on website front page. More than 2 million of videos are seen on YouTube daily which is indeed a big number. It also shows the potential of videos to target and attract audience.

  • Most of the big businesses are promoting their services and products with the help of seamless videos full of motion graphics.
  • This brings many job opportunitiesinto being for the aspirants who have knowledge of video editing.

Video Editing as a Career

There is an immense demand for videos to promote businesses and representthe different type of ideas to hearers who can be the possible clients. Almost every sector is working on video promotions which make this art one of the best burgeoning careers in not only Rohini, India but also across the globe.

For all those, who are interested in gasping this art should pursue a complete video editing course from an esteemed video editing training institute like VEI.

Who we are?

VEI(Video Editing Institute) is an education partner of ADMEC Multimedia Institute which is a multimedia training institute in Delhi. VEI has specialization in providing video editing training to beginners, intermediates and experts.

How we conduct online sessions?

Online classes are conducted through Zoom meeting software on alternative as well as regular days. Students are required to have a suitable internet connection and can take classes through phone too. They just need to install Zoom app on their phone.

What makes us different from other video editing institutes?

  • Experienced mentors
  • Quality online training
  • Live one to one sessions
  • Weekend batches with suitable timings
  • Practice assistance
  • Visual grammar sessions
  • Special workshops
  • Dedicated doubt classes
  • Interview guidance, etc.

These are some of the qualities of VEI that make it different from other online training institutes.

Online courses offered by Video Editing Institute

  • Post Production Standard
  • Apple FCPX Master
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Master
  • Adobe After Effects Master

A quick intro to above mentioned programs is given below.

Post Production Standard: Don’t feel ennui during lockdown; learn something interesting like photo editing and video editing. This course is covering industry’s two leading software that are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a certificate program that takes 4 months to complete. It can be completed in 2 months on fast track mode. Practical classes will be offered with real world examples on related topics.

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Apple FCPX Master –There is something interesting for all Mac users! An august editing tool training course is here. Apple FCPX is the latest software of the Final Cut Pro series launched by Apple. FCPX is a popular tool among the editors since it comes with lot of powerful options and features which make the job much easier. So, we have launched this online course especially for all FCPX lovers.

  • This course is going to start from a very basic level and will continue to the advanced stage. Don’t worry about the duration; it is just 1.5 months. And you have fast track mode to complete it within half duration.

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Adobe Premiere Pro Master –If you want to edit your videos to grab attention of your social media followers or want to work as a freelancer editor then this is the course for you to enroll in. Premiere Pro is a complete software for managing and editing video files.

  • The aim of this sort-term program is to provide a clear view of how a video can be edited from starting till the end to the learners. The whole course is divided into many segments and comes with interesting discussions and examples.
  • You are not only going to learn a software; you are also going to see how an editor starts his career in the industry with the help of Premiere Pro.

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Adobe After Effects Master – Are you working on Premiere Pro and Apple FCPX and want to extend your skills to advanced level in video production and editing? If yes then After Effects is here for you. This is a motion graphics and compositing software, coming from the bucket of Adobe. VEI has a complete course of 2 months for you to learn Adobe After Effects online.

  • You are going to have fun with your videos as now with After Effects, you can do a lot more.
  • You can add amazing transitions, text animations; color grading effects, chroma key cutting, and you can work with compositing.

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These video editing courses are certificate programs and are recommended for all editing fans. VEI also have long-term diploma courses in post-production for the beginners who want to start from the basic level. These diploma courses are highly job-oriented and have the finest placement record.

You can check our post production courses for detailed information. If you are ready to explore the world of editing with our video editing institute then don’t wait, just go for it. Feel free to contact us anytime and book your free demo session with our instructors.