Must Know Video Editing Tips for YouTubers to be a Pro

Tips for You-tuber for Video Editing

When was the last time you saw the video? I guess just a few minutes ago, right? Well, from past few years, videos are so much around us that we have actually forgotten the time when it was only about images.

Whether it is about the marketing of products/services or promotion of movies, videos have emerged as a new medium of communication.

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat or take any social media app every one of them has added video option in them. Instagram has recently added a section called IGTV where you can record one-hour long video and this is enough to show how video culture is evolving swiftly.

No matter how many times you want that advertisement video to disappear or consider video as a foolish medium but the fact is that today, videos have become the largest way to reach masses.

With so much growth and possibilities that videos have offered, it has also given career opportunities to so many people out there. Video editing has become an outstanding offbeat course that people are talking happily.

Well, just in case, do you know that more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day? Isn’t that huggee!

Youtube and video editors share a strange relationship. If you want your video to reach masses, youtube is a place to put that video.

We have created this blog for the YouTubers who are new to this field of video editing and for them too who are professionals in this domain – brush your skills or learn new tips. Take it the way you like!

Top 8 – Video Editing Tips for YouTubers

So, I have curated this list of some tips that you must remember if you want to edit your videos like a PRO!

1. Begin with choosing the right software

Begin with choosing the right software

First things first, for editing there are so many software available in the industry and all can take you from point A to point B.

The point is what are your editing needs and what you want to edit. Choose according to that.

Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci resolve are few commendable software that you can go with.

2. Editor = Storyteller

Editor = Storyteller

“The notion of directing a film is the invention of critics  — The whole eloquence of cinema is achieved in the editing room”.

Well said by Walter Murch the renowned video editor

Before editing, figure out what is going to dominate your video – sometimes it can be the music, sometimes its a conversation or sometimes it can a series of shots that you captured. 

Whatever it is, place it first and let it drive the other elements of the video. This technique will instantly bring change in the way you edit your videos.

You are, as an editor, a storyteller and keep this in mind every time whenever you edit the videos.

3. Duplicate and save multiple versions

Duplicate and save multiple versions

There are times when you do some changes and you thought it would look great but the final outcome isn’t like that and there’s nothing worse than a situation where you can’t undo and go back to things that were actually working!

Always remember to make a duplicate of your work and anytime you want to make changes or experiment with something new on an existing project, always use that duplicate copy for that.

Learn to do Non Destructive Editing.

Always save your work, even when you have made the tiniest change. It would save you from sudden or unexpected damage.

4. Organize the source materials

Organize the source materials

On some projects, you will be working with 1 audio and 1 video and some projects will include 5 audio tracks and 7 video footage. No matter you are working on a small project or working on a large project for the company, learn to organize it.

Make separate folders for audios videos plugins images and other elements that you are going to use in the project.

A little time spent in labeling can actually save hours of searching the desired element.

5. A big NO to cheesy VFX

A big NO to cheesy VFX

Unless you are working on some retro theme or actual cheesy thing, do not use cheesy VFX. Nothing screams “amateur” more loudly than your project filled with starry lights, glossy text, glitters and what not.

It is nowhere written that you should use everything you know. Choose smartly, pick the effects that are in trend or merge seamlessly with the project. You can go for After Effects too!

6. Add Good music

Add Good music

“Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual”- David Lynch

This goes well with your video too. Don’t just focus on the visuals, give a little attention to your music also.

Choose music according to the mood of your video. For example, if it is about historical places to visit worldwide you can choose slow music and if you are adding a makeup tutorial, the high beat music will support you.

7.  Learn the basic terminologies

Learn the basic terminologies

Video editing has become more than a hobby, it is a vast industry and you will often find yourself communicating with different video editors and clients. Make sure you are aware of all the basic terms used in the industry.

While you don’t have to learn all the but a fundamental knowledge of all will definitely help you grow better in the industry.

Understand what terms like J cut, L cut, jump cuts, match cut and other means.

8. Keyboard shortcuts- Always to rescue!

Keyboard shortcuts- Always to rescue!

If you want to tell the difference between an amateur and a professional video editor just pay attention to how much they use the keyboard.

Check the given below blogs for shortcuts

Editors who are in the industry for years know how much time the shortcuts save. If you are a beginner you can get a print of cheat sheet of shortcuts and if you can spend a penny you can even get an editing keyboard.

Editing keyboard is similar to the normal keyboard, it just has shortcut icons on it.

Videos are not just important but an essential part of the modern social system. While you may be able to understand these tips in one day but it will take years for you to master this field and you know what? That’s perfectly fine!

The best to move forward is to join professional video editing courses offered by Video Editing Institute in Delhi.

Nobody becomes a master in a day. It takes a whole lot of practice to master one thing and I hope now you feel a little inspired to create your own video.

If you have any questions regarding this blog or have something to share do write in the comment box!

Happy learning!