Career in Video Editing Industry

Career in Video Editing Industry

What is Video Editing

Few years ago video production was really a herculean task. After the launch of  NLE or Non-Linear Editing, Linear Editing became a history. NLE is a process that is completely done by computers so the demand for video editors is high in India and world-wide.

Video editing refers to the editing of motion video production footage through Non-Linear Editing or Digital Video Editing. Or simply we can say that it’s a process of manipulating video images.

Role of Video Editor

A video editor plays a crucial role in editing and post production processes. The profession of video editing calls for immense visualization skills, sound knowledge of techniques of using digital cameras and candidate should be a keen observer for editing. Moreover the person should be proficient in performing editing task such as cutting, splitting, audio and video mixing, etc.

Scope of Video Editing & Broadcasting

Presently 99% of video editing depends upon Non-Linear editing. Non-linear editing is the function of editing recorded videos using digital editing software.  In essence video editors make wide use of special effects; sound recordings in the post production stage to give a real touch to their videos.

As we all aware of the fact that the process of editing videos comprises of various hardships on the part of video editor but at the same time the profession offers lots fascinating career opportunities worldwide. Apart from film industry a number of interesting jobs are available in television broadcasting, production and advertising industry.

Today if we talk about the scope of broadcasting & production then it seems to be very promising. According to recent data analysis, in U.S alone broadcasting provides nearly 317, 000 wage and salary jobs. Also according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, form the period b/w 2008 to 2018 there will be an expected increase of 11% to 13% in the hiring of video editors.

Courses for Video Editing and Post Production

There are very few institutes or colleges those provide a perfect blend of computer applications, camera handling, and video editing tips in Delhi. If you have planned that you have to make your career in video editing then I would recommend you to visit ADMEC Multimedia Institute once, I am sure you will be amazed after a small counseling session with Mr. Deepak. He is a highly experienced post production artist, graphic designer, motion graphics artist, video editor, and 3d animation professional. He is excellent in various video editing applications like Apple FCP, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas etc.

Below are some of the courses in Video Editing from this institute:

Some more similar courses

Career Options Available in Video Editing

Now let’s look at some of the sterling career options available in video editing and broadcasting:

  • Video Editor
  • Compositor
  • Motion Graphic Artist
  • Post -Production Supervisor
  • Assistant Producers
  • Television Broadcast Technician
  • Recording Engineer
  • Television Camera Operator
  • Program Director
  • Broadcast News Analyst

Remuneration Packages in Video Editing

On the basis of information collated from various survey reports in magazines and newspapers the annual salary of an experienced video editor having an experience of one to four years can draw a package of 4 lakh to 6 lakh per annum. Career in broadcasting & production is more established and well-paid when compared to other profession.

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