Difference between Final Cut Pro X and Premier Pro

Difference between Final Cut Pro X and Premier Pro

 Apple Final Cut ProX vs Adobe Premiere Pro

Both Final Cut Pro X and Premier Pro are popular video editing software and available as an element of larger software bundles. Till the launch of Final Cut Pro X in 2011, FCP was regarded as premium application or professional’s choice. Presently Adobe Premier Pro is also gaining a little space among video editing professionals.

Being an video editing institute we have some thoughts to share here to help new comers. Few points are being given below for the comparison. Hope you will like.


Final Cut Pro X (FCP)

Premier Pro

Cross Platform/ Operating System


Video Editing projects require high configuration computers to work on so Final Cut Pro X runs only on Mac OS. Every one knows about the performance of Apple’s Computers. While Premiere Pro runs on Mac OS X and Windows workstations too.
Suite versus “suite”


FCP is the only software available through the Mac App Store. Premier Pro is purchased as a part of Production Premium or as creative Cloud subscription or as Master collection software bundles.
Plug-ins FCP has no plug-in architecture. Whereas the Premiere Pro has weak plug-in architecture.
Organizational tools FCP X encompasses huge library of organizational tools for quick & automatic organization of media such as keywords, rating, camera, textual metadata, etc. Premier Pro has limited organizational tool when compared to FCPX.
User Interface Configurations FCP X has smooth interface design based on panels and windows. While premiere pro works on a system of dockable tabs common across allied Adobe’s applications.
Tracks vs Trackless FCP X doesn’t work on tracks. It uses clips according to storylines & connected clips. It uses traditional track based timeline structure.
Projects & Clip Management FCP X divides it structure into Events and Projects. Whereas Premiere Pro creates a single, self-contained data file for each edit edited project.
Media Management Presently FCP doesn’t support any clip trimming or media management. Premiere pro allows clip trimming through its Project Manager tool.
List interchange Supports data interchange with external applications only. It supports XML, EDL, OMF and AAF.
Pricing &  Openness FCP X is cheap even after adding more applications & plug-in. Fact being a Mac App Store product. When compared with FCP, premier pro is an expensive application.

Above few points show that if you are looking for stable and cheaper option than go for the Apple FCP. Apple FCP requires one time investment while Adobe Premiere is really very costly option. The main problem comes when you go for Apple FCP then you must have an Apple computer to run it on. It is little costly but as I told you that choosing Apple FCP platform means stable, time saving, and money saving option for you. But if you are looking for a short time video editing project’s setup or you don’t have money to buy Apple’s Computer then Adobe Premiere might be a good choice for you because you can go for Adobe’s monthly subscription plan to use their application.


1. Apple provides perpetual license that can be used lifetime while Adobe’s licensing policy is subscription based just like an antivirus or mobile recharge. Think yourself what suits to you, that would be your final decision.

2. If you want to learn any one from these two video editing softwares than you have to pay even more than double for Adobe Premier Training than the Apple FCP because of the Premiere’s heavy licensing cost.

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