Tips to Become a Good Video Editor

Tips to Become a Good Video Editor
Video editing essentially refers to the trimming of the footage, adding flows, emotions, illusions and above all creating an entertainment element or factor. It’s all about interacting or communicating with your audience using visuals and bringing feeling across. Though video editing looks appealing on screen but in reality it comes with a bundle of complexities. Lots of hard work, dedication, efforts & time are involved behind making a single footage, short documentary or film. Therefore it’s imperative on the part of video editor to remain focused, alert and attentive throughout the process of editing a video. Here are some set of best tips that every video editor should keep in mind for a better career growth in video editing in the industry.

Professional Video Editing Tips:

  1. While capturing images or videos, always shoot with editing in mind. Try to capture images from different angles and shots such as close shots, wide shots, zooms & pans.
  2. While filming always film enough footage. Unnecessary segment and parts can be cut out or deleted later.
  3. Always work in an organized manner specially while making a longer movie. Always make a storyboard first, try to name the clips in your video editing software so as to avoid later interruptions.
  4.  After completion of filming and loading part, always start with a rough-edit. Keep the main footage in the timeline so that it can be arranged in chronological order later on.
  5. Always try to cut out the crap i.e. to diligently remove unusable shots.
  6. Cutting out crap doesn’t mean going crazy in cutting or editing.  While editing shots always try to switch between shot lengths, few longer shots followed by some shorter shots once again. Avoid
    stroboscope effects and endless clips.
  7. Effects can make your movie looks more appealing and real. A video editor should make wise use of transitions, Effects, chroma, generator (generally used for background), some color enhancement and alike. Essentially there is no golden rule to video making, it just you watch, feel and use what is feasible for you.
  8. Try to form nice introduction and ending in your movie. Using black in the end creates dramatic effect. Always try to play around with such stuff in order to bring out dramatic effects/ emotions.
  9. One of the major components of video editing is adding music and sound effects. Viable selection of music tracks brings “wow” element in your video. Also it emits those emotions that one want to bring across.
  10. Last but not the least is the video editing table. Video editor must have all the tools and equipments that are necessary for editing. In essence video editor must have enough RAM memory in their system (maximum will be 8 to 16 GB). Apart from this video editor should have Graphic card, 2 *21 inch LCD, sound system, broadcast monitor, capture card, sound card, and alike.

I hope above tips will be helpful for a new video editor, those who are working on video editing applications without the knowledge of video editing rules, and those who have joined video editing course.

You can also learn short duration software applications like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X.

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