Premiere Pro – Journey of Premiere Pro from Zero to Hero!

Premiere Pro Journey from Zero to Hero

Around 1990s where there when everybody witnessed the revolution in digital platform and they experienced it even on a larger scale. Adobe is an experienced company known for its digital creativity and connection with technology & Premiere Pro is one of its jewels. Creating and editing films or clips requires an all-rounder program that fits perfectly with all our needs and Premiere Pro is one such software.

A timeline-based video editing software might not be the easiest thing to handle but it is definitely a product that will give you the outcomes you desire! That whats encourage millions of users to use this application by learning by own or by joining any Premiere Pro course.

Evolution of Premiere Pro from Zero to Hero!

Stage 1. Release of the Software

Adobe Premiere Pro First Version

Adobe released its affordable video editing application that became part of that digital revolution. With its arrival in 1991, Premiere Pro became the reason people shifted from traditional editing systems and switched to this amazing application.

For people who wanted to tell the stories through visual medium Premiere Pro becomes the irreplaceable tool for them.  With all simple standard, it has opened the door of creativity and imagination.

It looked different in the initial years, but has all the basic blocks like cut, trim, adding soundtrack. The maximum resolution available in the first version was 160 x 120 pixels. Dave Helmly, senior manager for Professional Video and Audio talk while remembering about the splendid & magnificent journey of Premiere pro.

“I remember lying on my living room floor, editing video on my PowerBook laptop, something that was previously impossible. Premiere was the first affordable non-linear editor available to anyone,” recalled Dave Helmly, an early Adobe employee who is still part of the Adobe video team today.”

Stage 2. Full-Screen Broadcast Launched

Full-Screen Broadcast Launched

The first version that offered full-screen broadcast was launched in 1994 and then there was no looking back from then.

Stage 3. A Move towards 4k from 2k

A Move towards 4k from 2k

With all the evolutions and changes, Industry was moving towards 4k from 2k. Obviously this transition was not smooth enough but Premiere Pro made it quite easy and this is a key component of Premiere Pro that makes it different from the rest applications.

Stage 4. Easiness became the Identity

Premiere Pro is easy

For Industry, premiere pro is an application in which they can open any video at any time. From cinema camera to smartphones, video editors can import any video to it and can start working on that with greater ease. This feature became the identity for Premiere Pro.

Stage 5. Introduction of Dynamic Link

Dynamic Link in Premiere Pro

In 2006, Adobe added one more feather to the hat of Premiere Pro. There was an introduction of a dynamic link that took the success of this application one step further. This headline feature enabled the user to share clips and compositions with After Effects and other Adobe applications. For editors, it was a double bonus because they can move seamlessly between After Effects and Premiere Pro without even rendering the clips. This move actually led to the non-destructive editing and also reduced the need of keeping tons of copies of the same project.

“Only Premiere Pro allows artists to combine the two disciplines of editing and multi-layering into one single moment of creative production.”

Flavio Kumpah, the multi-disciplined artist, shared

Why Dynamic Link was a Boom for Editors?

Dynamic link becomes the hallmark trade of Adobe as no other video editing software allow sharing video data between the two programs. Also, this feature helped the premiere pro in maintaining its competitive edge over others in the market. As a Nonlinear editing software, Adobe was confident that what makes Premier Pro different from others will continue to be its key in moving forward: Universal media support and seamless integration.

The Success of 25 Years

The Success of 25 Years of Premiere Pro

Recently in 2017, Adobe marks 25 years of Premiere pro in the industry.   This leading software has never failed to amaze us with its new feature and the creative options. For editors, Premiere Pro has become what Photoshop is for photographers. We have witnessed the journey from Premiere to Premiere pro– A journey that was revolutionary as well as evolutionary, a journey that made Premiere pro what it is today!

Following the steps of Adobe, Video Editing Institute an education partner of ADMEC Multimedia Institute also believes that evolution with revolution is key to consistent growth.

Transforming the students into the master of this design industry, we teach our students how to tame the wildness & freedom of creativity. Premiere Pro is an industry leading software and there’s nothing matchable to this. Learn more about this extraordinary ‘hero’ with our special video editing courses.

That’s all for now folks! Hope you have learned something amazing with this blog. Stay tuned with us for more informative series.  Till then, Keep Learning, Keep Exploring!