Is Video Editing Using Apple FCP or Final Cut Pro, an Expensive Choice for Freelancers?

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Deciding between Final Cut Pro X and other editing applications can be tough? Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Final Cut Pro is one of the most prominent as well as extensively embraced editing and enhancing platforms by expert video editors and also aficionados alike around the globe nowadays. However, which one especially is most appropriate for your individual requirements and also choices? Both video editing applications are great, but when it comes to costing part, there is a considerable difference between the two. Here are a few thoughts and views to help you make that call.

  • Budget 

If you’re a cost-conscious creative, then what does the scenario look like?  The costing of Final Cut Pro X purchased through the Mac App Store, is only $299.99. Both Compressor 4 and Motion 5 are available for $49.99. Once more, you get to retain the software for as long as you like and (so far) all of the updates to FCPX have been free.

  • No dynamic titles

In FCP you can import a Motion template and assign a text item as being editable in FCP. This gives you the capability to use that motion file over and over again and only modify the text attributes for each instance. This is great for things like lower 3rd graphics where you can just assign two text variables such as ‘name’ and ‘role’ and then update those from within FCP.

  • No PluralEyes

Doing multiple camera work and audio syncing within FCP was made very easy by Singular Softwares ‘PluralEyes’ plugin. Unfortunately, PluralEyes does not work within Premiere. Singular software does offer a Premier version which involves exporting FCP XML files, syncing externally and then re-importing

  • Copy, paste & remove attributes

FCP has a fantastic feature that permits you to paste attributes from one clip to another. You can even choose as to which attributes are affixed on to the target clips. Premiere does offer a paste attributes function, but you cannot be choosy, it copies all of the attributes.

  • No through edits

In FCP if you cut a clip in the timeline, you get those perfect little red triangles that tell you the cut is a ‘through edit’ and you have the option to ‘join through edit’ at a later time if you decide you don’t need that cut.

Overall, aforementioned stated distinctions are just a tiny part of the strong points of the FCP platform offer, so it indeed depends upon precisely what are the particular job needs you should take care of in order to select one of the most appropriate systems for your process. As a professional freelancer, FCP is less expensive as compared to other editing applications. But if you feel there is any better video editing application which is less costly as compared to FCP and at the same time offer same features, then do share with us your insight which one of is your personal favorite in the comments section below. Also, to explore different types of video editing software, it is always recommended to join video editing institutes in Rohini where you will get an opportunity to explore numerous video editing courses in Rohini.