Common Mistakes Every Beginner Video Editor Makes Very Often

Common Video Editing Mistakes Every Beginner Makes Very Often

Video editing industry is growing day by day. If you’re a beginner video editor then definitely you do so many mistakes unknowingly.

These mistakes ruin your workflow. If you are a video editor then you have to edit too many videos in a day. To do so it is necessary to complete your project on time with perfectness.

There are too many things that are not shot well while shooting, so, it is the responsibility of a video editor to correct the things by their editing skills and experience.

Today I would like to talk about the common mistakes that you can improve:

Jump cuts

Many video editors use jump cut when they have to go to one clip to another. You can see a jump cut mostly on YouTube Vlogs. It is not necessary to apply a jump cut but applies where needed.

If you want to avoid jump cut then you can use cutting on action. Actually, jump cuts are mainly used to save time and to push the story forward.

You can use other editing options by setting up the camera angle in the same scene.

Incomplete transition

An incomplete transition gives bad effects to your clip. Transition is applied in between two clips. So, sometimes video editor applies duration having a long duration and short duration in another clip. Bad transition leaves the black screen when we go to one clip to another. You can adjust your transition as it looks good between the footage. If you are a video editor then you have used wipe transition in b/w the video. It actually looks like an incomplete transition, for this thing you can extend the duration of the transition.

Music Doesn’t fit

Do, you know? Music plays a very crucial role in video editing. You should always choose audio which suits to your footage. First of all, you have to choose matched audio then the second thing is the speed and strength of the audio. For instance, if video plays in fast speed & speed of the audio are slow then it will not look good at all. So, the speed and strength of audio really matters.

One more example I want to add is that suppose the clip goes in emotional angle and you add audio having energy and happiness then it looks very silly. So, music should suit the mood of your video.

If you want to improve this mistake then you should edit the video first then add audio that suits your edits.

Inconsistent graphics

Yes! You are not a graphic designer & no one expects you to do editing like a designer but you should have knowledge of color, fonts that suit your theme.

The thing that you have to take care of is that maintains the consistency of colors, font color, font size, etc. throughout the entire clip. If you use the different colors and fonts in different slides then it creates a distraction for the viewers

So, select the font and stick with it.

Removing sensitive information

Sometimes, beginner video editors remove the main information from the video as if you apply effects like blur then don’t hide the important part. Because it is necessary to highlight the important part.

Adjusting your frame

While shooting you have recorded so many clips. So, it is necessary to adjust the

Frames in series and also fixed the size of the composition.

Out of sync audio

If the audio is not synced to each other than the audience gets distracted. It is necessary to synchronize the audio. If you don’t synchronize the audio then all the audios play in different phases which spoil the full appearance of the video.

The way of sync the audios is to split the clip & hear the audio with full focus then match the audios.

Edit well

Most of the beginner video editors do not edit the footage properly. They do not apply the cut properly. Lack of focus tends to improper editing. There are so many layers that you have to use and adjust them in a proper series is not easy for the beginners.

Multiples fonts

Never use a lot of fonts in the single video. Just use one or two fonts that suit your theme.

Not using of shortcut keys

Using shortcut keys helps you to edit the footage easily in a short time. It is necessary to learn all the shortcut keys if you want to become a professional video editor.

I have listed so many mistakes that every beginner video editor does. Initially, you have to face lots of problems while editing. If you do not understand the mistakes in starting then you continue it in every clip that is not good for you. As a video editor, you should have the skill of time management because you have to edit many videos in a day if you work for an organization.

In today’s era everyone attracted by the effects when they watch songs or videos & also want to do the but due to lack of knowledge of software & creativity, they don’t create attractive things. For this, I would like to suggest you to learn by watching online or joining video editing courses from any reputed video editing training institute.

In my opinion, you should join a professional institute where you can learn by industry experts in a practical way. To do so I would recommend you to join Video Editing Institute, Rohini, Delhi.

The main thing is to keep practicing & experimenting if you want to achieve your goals. There are so many video editing software that you can learn like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final cut pro, and After Effects. You can do any short- and long-term courses here.

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