Surprising Facts on The History of Video Editing

Surprising Facts of the History of Video Editing

We have entered the last month of 2019 and will be soon entering 2020. The year has been fantastic for technological developments and we have witnessed some tremendous changes in the industry.

While we are watching everything evolving and becoming better with the constant support of technology, industries are experiencing separate changes in their structure too.

Techniques are getting better day by day and today I’ll be majorly talking about how video editing has evolved and became a brilliant career option for so many people out there.

Videos does what every other thing fails to do. We cannot deny the fact that videos leave a longer impact on the minds of people than stock images and static graphics.

Today, every company is embracing how video has improved their brand reach to masses but very few of us know how exactly this industry has come into existence, from where it all began and why it has gained so much popularity among us in such a short period of time.

Video editing isn’t just a quick step that anybody can do once the shooting is over. Video editing is complex, comprehensive and a time-consuming process as this is the part where major changes are brought into actions and things are amended as per requirements.

When I mention that video editing is complex in nature for us today, I realize how difficult it has been for people who were doing video editing for the past many decades.

I have been part of this industry for more than 2 years and have understood the fact that even with so many advancements, there are certain points during which we face the entire creative blockage and unable to produce the desired output.

Back in time, artists do not even have the facilities that we are enjoying today. Imagine how the process of editing the entire video would have been. Quite long and tedious. Phew!

We have come so far that we often tend to forget the points from where it has started. To understand the importance of what we have achieved today, it is important for us to know the history of video editing.

Similar to everything else, editing too has a past.

India has always been a nation that has explored various art forms to communicate. Be it theatres, novels, performances or any other thing, the visual narration has always been embraced by us and editing was part of them from starting.

There were flashbacks in the novel, there were seen the change in the theatre. This is all editing. We just didn’t have the common umbrella term at that particular time.

Things were alright till here, but when film directors and makers were asked to bring this ‘editing’ culture in movies, they were a little afraid in introducing this technique into the video field.

They felt that merging different shots together might create confusion in the minds of the audience. However, they gave a try and results are today in front of us. We have world-class software that can edit any video regardless of any resolution.

History of editing belongs to the time where people used scissors and tape to edit and in all the passing years, there has been constant growth in the industry, making it one of the leading industries in the world.

Video editing has always been considered as the “the invisible art form” as people hardly get to know what all it goes into editing the clips.  Video editing hasn’t got that much appreciation that people working in the industry deserves.

Surprising Facts on the History of Video Editing Industry

Let’s move forward and explore some really amazing and surprising facts about the Video editing industry.

The Kinetograph

 Kinetograph -  First Motion Graphic Projector
KinetographFirst Motion Graphic Projector

In 1890, Thomas Alva Edison with his assistant William Laurie Dickson invented the first motion graphic projector. The projector used celluloid film to create motion pictures.

The First Cuts

Use of scissors and tape to trim unnecessary footage
Use of scissors and tape to trim unnecessary footage

It was in the initial 1900s when the first cuts were introduced. People used scissors and tape to trim unnecessary footage. People continue using this technique until the first editing machine was invented.

The First Editing Machine

 Moviola - First Editing Machine
Moviola – First Editing Machine

Moviola, the first editing machine, was invented in 1924 by Iwan Surrier. This machine was used to edit and trim the unwanted scenes in the clip. The machine is still in existence and used majorly in Hollywood.

The Academy Awards

The Academy Awards
The Academy Awards

Who doesn’t know about Oscars? They are considered as one of the highest awards in Hollywood where everyone is honored for their spectacular work. It was in 1934 when Academy Awards introduced the Film Editing Category in the list. The first Oscar for Film Editing was given to Conrad A. Nervig for his excellent contribution to the movie ‘Eskimo’.

The First Video Recorder

  AMPEX - First Video Recorder
AMPEX – First Video Recorder

In 1956, the industry got its first video recorder- AMPEX. It was also the first device that used magnetic tape to record a video. They brought a new revolution in the industry and changed the entire way of how videos were recorded.

The First Non-Linear Editor

 CMX 600  -   First Non-linear Computerized Machine
CMX 600 – First Non-linear Computerized Machine

CMX 600 was introduced in 1971. It was the first non-linear computerized machine that is used for offline editing. The machine received the Emmy award for its contribution to the industry.  The machine, however, does not work without disc drives that were as big as a washing machine, making this a less portable system.

The Period of Revolutionary Inventions (1985-1991)

The Period of Revolutionary Inventions (1985-1991)

It was between these 6 years that the video industry saw the introduction and invention of one of the most popular software.

  • It all began with the invention of the “Harry” in 1985 by Quantel. Harry was the first all-rounder video editing and digital composting system. However, due to technological limitations, Harry was only capable of applying effects to a maximum of 80 seconds of uncompressed 8-bit video.
  • Just after two years, in 1987, Apple launched the Avid Media Composer. It wasn’t the first non-linear editing software but it was a revolutionary design that is still in existence.
  • In 1991, Adobe came with its first video editing software Premiere. Premiere Pro, today, has become industry-leading software for video editing. The software is widely used across the globe by both beginners and professionals.

The Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution

In 1992, the industry got its first movie which was digitally edited by using Avid Media. Let’s kill all the Lawyers was the movie to be edited. Till 1994, there were only three movies that were digitally edited but in 1995, the number reached 100. It was the beginning of the digital revolution that is going on till now.

Apple into the Game

Apple into the Game
Old Apple Model

It was in 1999 when Apple launched the major competitor of Avid- Final Cut Pro into the market. In 2007, No Country for Old Man became the first movie to get Oscar which was edited using Final Cut Pro.

So, this was a Blast from the Past. Today, we have come a long way. This journey hasn’t been easy and one who has survived the storm is known as today’s industry professionals.

Video is currently ruling the Industry. Companies are opting for Video marketing strategies. This has opened tons of avenues for people and in past years it has given a successful career option to them.

Video editing has gained a lot of popularity and we strongly recommend you to go for video editing courses. Video Editing Institute has curated industry level courses like short-term video editing course for an individual to train and make them master of video editing software.

Our Faculty have 15+ years in the industry and focus on providing not only practical skills to students. Teachers also pay special attention to soft skill development of the students to prepare them for the industry.

So, guys, that’s all from my side. Today we explored some interesting facts about the video editing industry if you have something similar to share, write to us in the comment box.

Stay tuned for more interesting blogs, till then, Keep Exploring!

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